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Let us answer some questions...

Deluxe Winter Market is a community event that was founded on original works being sold by the artists who made them. We love to see artists demonstrate their work at the show!

Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing we need to cover is this: If you didn't create it, you can't sell it at Deluxe Winter Market. The whole idea behind Deluxe is to give artists a place to sell their work. We do not allow resellers at Deluxe. Don't even bring potholders your meemaw made, but do encourage her to apply to the show.

How do I get to Deluxe Winter Market?
Head to Downtown Oklahoma City – Leadership Square is at 211. N. Robinson - a big silver office building with a huge red sculpture outside on the east side.
Shoppers: Park wherever you can find a parking space on the street, or choose to park in a parking garage.
Will you be advertising, promoting and generally pimping out this event?
Yes, yes and yes! Deluxe Winter Market is part of Downtown In December, Downtown OKC’s excellent holiday promotion series. We also promote on KOSU and The Spy, in Oklahoma Today, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as well as other print media and strategic partnerships with local businesses.
Can I share a booth with my friend?
Yes, but you and your friend must each submit separate applications online. Mail your checks together. Don’t forget that each applicant must submit a $10 application fee.
I offer artistic services such as caricatures, custom portraits and photography. Should I apply to Deluxe Winter Market?
Yes! Some of the most memorable Deluxe artists offer such services.
Can I sell supplies or other items which I did not make with my own hands (sewing machine, lathe, et al)?
Probably not. But ask us if you think you’ve got something which will change our minds. The exception to this general rule is printed goods such as t-shirts or media you have created like books or music.
I applied for Deluxe Winter Market but I haven’t heard from you whether I was accepted.
If you did not mail us your application fee and booth fee checks, your application is not considered complete. We do not evaluate incomplete applications.
Am I responsible for collecting sales tax as a Deluxe Vendor?
Yes. The tax you collect includes both city and state taxes. The rate you will charge is the total of the 2 rates. You will need to submit a form to Deluxe directors noting your sales for the day, and remit payment to the state. If you don't have a sales tax permit, you will submit your taxes in cash or check to us at the end of the show and we will submit them to the state on your behalf. If you have any questions, consult the Oklahoma Tax Commission.
Who’s in charge of Deluxe Winter Market?
Sara Cowan is the event director. Downtown OKC Inc. is a partner.
Does Deluxe Winter Market need sponsorship?
Yes! If you’re a local business we’d love your help. Please visit our sponsorship page for more inforamation.
Does my stuff qualify for participation in Deluxe Winter Market?
If you made it and it’s interesting and original, apply! Be sure it’s family-friendly. People sometimes bring kids to shop and there is no “Adults Only” section. If your business card says “Independent Sales Representative,” this is not the show for you.
Can I sell food, candy or spice mix at Deluxe Winter Market?
Maybe! If you operate out of a licensed kitchen and have your Health Department certification, we’d like to see your application and taste your creations.
I am a Deluxe Winter Market artist. (Yay!) Can I make promo items to put in the goodie bags?
Yes! We will offer free goodie bags to the first 50 customers. If you can, please donate 50 small items (stickers, samples, coupons, etc.) with your business name affixed on it somewhere, and we’ll add them to the goodie bags! Please bring your items to the check-in table on the day of the show.
What can I do to help promote my participation in Deluxe Winter Market?
Print some posters and spread the word! Change your social media photos to a show logo. Post invitations on social media. Please invite all of your Facebook friends to Deluxe Winter Market using our event page.
Are tables included in the booth fee? Do you have tables I can rent for my booth?
In order to keep booth fees low, we let vendors “itemize” their needs. No use paying for a table or electricity if you don’t need them, right? Tables are available to rent and the cost is $10 per table. You can add this to your booth fee in your application. No day-of-show table additions, as this causes confusion and delay.
Can I demonstrate my craft at my booth?
By all means, yes! Especially if elbow grease is your fuel. If you need electricity, be sure to select a booth with electricity on your application. Electricity use costs us money so you will need to pay extra for this service. Please do not create any chemical fumes, obnoxious noise or smoke.
How many vendors will be there?
The 2017 show will had 60 artists and collectives who were selected via a jury process.
When will I know if my work was accepted?
We will send emails to applicants before Sept. 15.
I was not selected as a Deluxe artist. What happens to the booth fee check I sent you?
Your booth fee check will be destroyed. If you need it mailed back to you, please include a self-adressed stamped envelope with your check.
Why wasn’t my work accepted to Deluxe Winter Market?
We have many talented applicants, but unfortunately we are not able to accept everyone. There are many possible reasons which may or may not apply to your work:
  • Incomplete application or missing application fee
  • Too many vendors of your product type
  • Copyright infringement issues with your designs
  • Inconsistent collection of item types
  • Inadequate number of products or photos on your website

All director decisions are final. Thank you for respecting the work we do.